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100% Pure Maple Syrup

KC Maple Syrup

Give a Special Gift

Pure Ohio Maple Syrup

Give the gift that will have them talking all year! 100% pure and filled with vitamins!


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about us


KC Maple Syrup

We started our journey in maple syrup in 1988. We tapped about 15-20 trees, stood over an open fire of boiling sap and made about a half gallon of maple syrup.

Every year we kept expanding, adding a small roof over our heads. Then in 1994, we decided to build a sugarhouse, to get completely out of the elements. 

Today we have about 450 taps, a 30" x 8' evaporator, and an RO unit. The highlight of making our maple syrup came in 2010, when we won First Place in the Geauga County Maple Festival for best Syrup!


our process

It all starts with the trees

We use tubing and an RO (Reverse Osmosis) system. When the weather gets nice enough, we tap the trees, gather the sap, run it through the reverse osmosis and boil. After many hours we have maple syrup

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